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A name built on quality

Our utmost priority is to attain the highest quality and reliability of all our products, which are the requirements in the demanding world of the oil and gas industry. We guarantee our technical workmanship and take full responsibility for any work carried out on behalf of our customers.

We possess specialised measuring equipment:

  • Faro measuring arm
  • CMM measuring machine
  • RESATO pressure-testing units with continuous parameters registration
  • stereoscopic microscope
  • KP15002 hardness tester
  • roughness measuring equipment
  • coating measurement instruments, meeting the requirements of Norsok M-501 ed.6: DFT thickness gauge, pull-off test, salt test and holiday test

We provide a wide range of non-destructive testing, the following being:

  • ultrasonic (UT)
  • magnetic (MT)
  • penetrative (PT)
  • visual (VT)
  • radiographic (RT)

Team of professionals


Our Team of experienced and highly-skilled professionals are Engineers who work with the highest level of technical expertise in precision metalworking.

over 100 Projects


Realisation of over 100 Projects successfully completed for our clients worldwide.

modern facility


We possess a large modern all-purpose dedicated machining facility employing cutting-edge innovative technologies to guarantee only the highest quality.


We invite you to submit inquiries relating to any of the services we offer. Our team can provide solutions tailored precisely to your project demands.